Awning pressure washing, London, keeps your awnings looking fresh and bright for your current customers as well as attracting new clients to your business. When combined with a regular maintenance program, your awnings can last well beyond their years. Not only does awning pressure washing, London, clean those awnings, but it can save you money in replacements.

First impressions are essential. Your potential customers are making their decisions to visit based on a number of subtle factors, including the overall cleanliness of your storefront. Those visitors notice the maintenance and general condition of your awnings as well as the glass and surrounding area.

A great pressure washing business like us can perform awning pressure washing as well as institute a solid maintenance program and waterproofing program to protect your awnings from the elements. For a free on-site demo, or for any pressure washing questions you might have, please give us a call at 0208 340 0606


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Premier Awning Cleaning

With many years experience in the Exterior Cleaning industry, we have steadily build up a strong and extensive portfolio of Home and Business Owners who use our services to keep their Awnings looking clean and professional all year round.

We are experts in cleaning and restoring all types of Awning materials including Vinyl, Canvass, Metal and Painted Awning, Wood, Cloth and more. We primarily use the Soft Wash method which ensures our clients outstanding results, without risk of damage to some materials caused by excessive Power Washing of awnings.



We guarantee complete removal of all dirt, grime, algae, moss, mold, lichen and other organic stains and micro-organisms, along with carbon, soot, smog stains and other inorganic or environmental pollutants, whilst ensuring no damage to the awning structure or material.

Eco Friendly

Many Companies who provide Awning Cleaning and other Exterior Cleaning Services may use toxic and potentially harmful cleaning agents to restore Awnings. However we ensure all of our personnel use only 100% certified green, environmentally friendly cleaning solutions whilst undertaking all of our specialized services.

We take our environmental responsibilities very seriously, and ensure 100% compliance with all set EPA Legislation and Guidelines pertaining to the Power Washing industry

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